Musical compositions

I occasionally write works for piano or violin (many of them still existing as drafts). Favourite style: Late Romantic, influenced by Scriabin, Glazounov, Rachmaninov, and Alkan.

Written but not yet transcribed:

  • Opus 1: 3 preludes for left hand solo
  • Opus 9: Concert paraphrase of Alexander Alyabyev’s ‘Nightingale’ for violin and piano.
  • Opus 10: Transcription of Anton Arensky’s ‘Variations on a theme by Tchaikovsky’ for piano solo.
  • Opus ??: Nuptial polka on the AESh theme
  • Opus ??: 3 fantasies on Chopin’s waltzes
    • Cadenza to Chopin’s Op.64 No.2 (December 2019)


Here are some scores that I (re-)engraved:

In progress

  • Folia (Variations on the theme ‘Folies d’Espagne’)
  • Paraphrase of Henryk Wieniawski’s Op.16 ‘Scherzo-tarantelle’ for left hand solo
  • Scherzo in c minor
  • Suite for violin and piano in 4 parts
  • Tarantella and fugue on a theme by Thomas Kobialka
  • Cadenza for Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
  • Piano concerto dis moll
  • Étude a moll
  • Double érude ‘Homage to Blumenfeld’
  • Orchestral fantasy ’Homage to Lyapunov’
  • Fantasy and passacaglia for organ
  • Étude for the left hand e moll
  • Paraphrase of John Sousa’s ‘Liberty bell’
  • Paraphrase of Mozart’s ‘Rondo alla turca’ for left hand solo
  • Symphonic poem on the theme of Rameau’s ‘Tambourin’
  • Symphonic poem on a theme by Stanchinsky
  • Transcription of Bach’s BWV 105 for piano solo
  • Transcription of Ysaye’s violin sonata No.3 ‘Ballade’ for piano solo
  • Variations on the theme of the Luxembourgish national anthem ‘Ons Heemecht’
  • Variations of the theme by Paganini

Feel free to exert pressure on me and demand progress updates on these works.

Old stuff

Some silly things that I did before the age of 17 and never bothered to write down or properly publish:

  • Waltz in F major (October 2001)
  • Sonata ‘Nibbled apple’ for harpsichord, piano, organ, strings, two violins and cello (2003)
  • Piano sketch for a Symphony (1st movement) (2002)
  • Orchestration of Oginsky’s Polonaise for a weird set of instruments (2003)
  • Ragtime-impromptu (July 2004)
  • Double etude after Chopin–Rachmaninov: sheet music in PDF, watch on YouTube (March 2008)
  • Hybrid of Offenbach’s ‘Can-can’ and Strauss’ ‘Tritsch-Tratsch Polka’: watch on YouTube (Septeber 2009)