I have finally revised a price list for motors and turntables, which is available here. What’s notable is its complete awesomeness due to LaTeX typesetting. I decided to indicate the power type (AC or battery) with an icon, but unfortunately a comprehensive search of the “Complete LaTeX symbol list” returned nothing. If they have those ugly and unethical Simpsons’ heads and unnecessary trash, why do they lack power type icon? Let’s rectify that error.

\usepackage{wasysym} % For that \AC command
\newcommand{\cord}{\mbox{% To avoid breaking
\resizebox{1.6em}{0.5em}{% Create a box based on current font size
$\mathrlap{\AC}\lower0.15pt\hbox{\AC}$\hspace{-2pt}% To make it bold
\lower-0.4pt\hbox{\resizebox{6pt}{3pt}{\LEFTCIRCLE}} % Plug
\hspace{-4pt}\lower0.45pt\hbox{\resizebox{3pt}{3pt}{$=$}}}}} % Pins

This yields the following cutie:

LaTeX electric plug symbol

The point is: at any font size, this symbol will not distort. The font size affects only the em dimensions of the resizable box. Its thickness will always be the same.

For battery adorers, there is another solution from me:

\newcommand{\battery}{\mbox{\resizebox{1.5em}{0.5em}{ % The resizable hard box
\rule[2pt]{3pt}{1pt}\hspace{4.2pt} % Minus, then empty space
\rule[2pt]{3pt}{1pt}\hspace{-2pt}\rule[1pt]{1pt}{3pt} % Plus sign

This yields the following hottie:

LaTeX battery symbol