Wholesome typesetting: A primer

In our day and age, more often than not, printed documents contain errors of varying magnitude. To help improve the general level of text typesetting quality (in contracts, templates, articles, chat messages etc.), I have compiled a guide that will be useful for anyone who types on a keyboard at least once a day.

Wholesome typesetting: A primer.


  • ‘In the absence of a full stop, the use of capital letters is regulated by general rules; therefore, excessive capitalisation is a telltale sign of a lack of native language perception.’
  • ‘If an exclamation mark indicates the extraordinariness of something written, it is customary to enclose it in brackets.’
  • ‘Yellow star-of-Bethlehem’ is an early-spring spring geophyte.’

A brief dictionary of exquisite English terms

95 per cent of the content in most dictionaries is voluminous entries describing the most common vernacular, whereas the remaining 5 per cent pertain to terms of literary, technical, and scientific language. However, it is the mastery of the latter that characterises a person as a language connoisseur and a verbal prestidigitator. The present dictionary offered below is composed exclusively of uncommon terms and is aimed at those studying English at an advanced level, as well those interested in purple prose and those who never say a word without a grimace.

PDF, 400 kB: A brief dictionary of exquisite English terms.