Music: classical music, piano composition, tuning and repairing pianos (certified piano tuner since 2014), score engraving in Musescore and Sibelius (back in the day, IDD Worship Studio 2002 XP).

Literature: writing verse in Russian and English (published works in 4 collections), typesetting and digitisation of literary works (formerly the editor and typesetter of the annual ‘Parizhsk’ miscellany of Russian prose and verse in 2017–2021).

Computer-related: contribution to open-source projects

  • TeXStudio: principal translator into Russian since 2015
  • Czkawka: translator into Russian and Ukrainian since 2022
  • Musescore: translator into Russian since 2023

Linux, LaTeX, R, Stata, SPSS, Asymptote, C++, bash, ffmpeg, regular expressions, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Adobe Audition, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator.

Other: chess and chess variants.

My Wikipedia articles (before 2017)


  • Composers: Charles-Valentin Alkan, Alexander Scriabin, Leopold Godowsky, Maximilian Reger, Franz Liszt, Julius Reubke, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Nikolai Medtner, Johann Sebastian Bach, Alexander Glazunov, Sergei Lyapunov, Philipp Scharwenka.